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Won't work please update

This needs an update to work.

Crashes nonstop

Crashes nonstop on iOS 10

Please Update

Looks like a great game, but keeps crashing on new devices.

Great game, needs Erie expansion!

I play regularly, this is my go-to time-killer app... ...my adaptive AI is cranked up to beastly near-sentience. If you live in the game's geographic region and diabolically laughing, hand-rubbing capitalists in formal wear unexpectedly build railroads near you, blame me! Designers: brilliant work. It's been a few years, why not add Erie and even Narrow Gauge options? Networked play would be great but I think Erie is the priority.

Interesting take on capitalism

Wonderful game. This game feels like it is somewhere in between Monopoly and Catan. A very influential mechanic is the player's ability to have economic interests or influence in companies that other players own the majority of. If you read the description or instructions, this can seem really confusing, but after two short games against the averagely skilled computer-controlled players, the mechanics reveal a different perspective than you are used to rather than a complex one that you are incapable of understanding. You'll be thinking in terms of shares instead of cash; sabatoging companies you own stakes in to rid the majority stakeholder of capital. The game design expresses some intriguing inherent tendencies of capitalist expansion. Now for feature requests: Please make the end game triggers optional. I would get so much more enjoyment out if this game if I could make it last longer. I understand that this was originally a boardgame for people who might not want to play for long periods of time, but it's an iphone game now. The game here is most likely going to be a solitary experience. Ignore the precedent and embrace the new medium. Make the three states that end the game optional. That's a polite request. Love the game, it's really fun and thought-provoking.

Needs network play

Good app,would be 5 stars with game center network online play.

Great game, good app.

I Initially gave this five stars but I have reduced that due to the lack of online or multi device play. Pass and play is lame. Also I would like to see more AI options. Still worth $.99 but I would gladly pay $5-$6 if changes were made.

A very good translation... and fun!

The iPhone / iPad rendition of the board game Chicago Express. A very good translation to the iDevice.

Great game, a few flaws

Over all, one of the more enjoyable games on the app store. However when a match ends I always feel disappointed. Problems: - Games are too short - Scoring is arbitrary, assets should play a role (extending game length would fix this issue) - initial bidding is kind of binary strategy wise. Great game you should buy 100%. Verry fun!

Wabash Cannonball

Great fun! Just wish they would come out with an iPad HD version.

A serviceable version of a great board game

The hilarious naming game continues with the once and future Wabash Cannonball shedding its Chicago Express moniker for the jump to the iPad/iPhone. And why not - it also lost the gorgeous look of the Queen Games' Chicago Express version. Now, I just love this game in its physical form. But when the iDevice game came out, I was surprised to hear it. Wasn’t it too big and had too much going on to really work on this smaller screen? My first impression proved to be about right for me. This game has a large map with lots of different types of terrain that have different costs, auctions and a fair amount of administrative info from looking at how much money you and other player have, how many shares they have, how many rails remain and where the price of the shares are so you can figure dividends and how they’ll split. No, it’s not an insurmountable amount of information but it’s probably more than I want to think about while waiting to get a root canal. Thus, WC also taxed my patience a bit. I didn’t scroll around and look at the whole map and made a bad choice or two. I didn’t look back at the money breakdown at one point and call an auction when I could have gotten a deal. The interface for selecting these choices and moving around are okay - small white icons that float on the edge of the map and are reasonably indicative of where they will open something and that’s just fine. I’ve managed to work the AI players and win each time - not always by the widest margins but I can optimize with the best of them and know their patterns. Auction AI is pretty hard because, by nature, a good game should make things of different value to different players at different times. Sometimes in WC, you start an auction to get a deal, to get a shot at a company that is doing well, to grab a piece of a company that you think you can take to the top. Too often in this game, the AI makes seemingly prosaic choices - the same options for undervalued companies. Yes, I have had the AI buy company stock to drive it into the ground but in both cases, they seemed to do it out of spite rather than good play, dragging themselves down. Is the AI trying to pretend to be a bad player? Maybe but I don’t see that in the settings. Would I want to see that? Maybe I would. Maybe it would be nice to know that the AI could be smart, dumb, vindictive, casual, shy, whatever. Other games have those options. As it is, the AI seems weak even after tweaks. Maybe I’m just good at this game that I like a fair amount. But I have definitely come to the conclusion that I don’t like playing this game solo and on this platform. If anything, it may have made me like the game a bit less since this reduces the game to something less than it really is. That is both due to the overwhelming quickness of the game (bids are famously resolved quickly by the game passing for you if you have insufficient funds so quickly that some players questions whether this was a bug that didn’t let you bid!) and the excess of information you need to consider to make the right choices in the game. The app did remind me to play WC or CE again soon because I like it so much but I think the app will not last too much longer for me because it just feels a bit larger than good iDevice eurogames should be. On the other hand, the app is a good way to get better at the game and it is a solid implementation if you really want to play the game on this small device.

Works on iOS 5 again

Works on iOS 5 again with 1.1.2.

Crashes during opening auction

Used to work but now it crashes during the opening auction every time. I think it's always on the fourth railroad.

Unplayable on iOS 5

The game cannot be played on iOS 5. It crashes frequently enough that I have not been able to complete the tutorial or an entire game with the AI.

A little too quick to play!

I'm having a good time playing this app against the AI players, but the goodness is over a little too quickly. Since the IA players take their turns in a timely manner, there isn't any down time like there would be in the boardgame version, therefore, the ending conditions, which would probably give the sense of a long enough game with real players, doesn't here. I'd like to see a menu option of allowing a longer game by offering the choice of ending the game after satisfying one, two or all three of the ending conditions. Also, how about giving the option of adding an additional 4 to 6 pieces of track to each of the railroad companies so we could make more connections during those longer games!

So great I went and purchased Chicago Express

I have enjoyed this so very much and I really bought it on a whim. I didn't think I would like the whole "train game" genre other than really simple stuff like Ticket to Ride. This is much more deep and interesting than Ticket to Ride is, yet learning it is quite easy. Now that I've got the physical game (called Chicago Express these days rather than Wabash Cannonball) I can hardly wait to play it with others so I can show others that you can have a fun train game that is more than Ticket to Ride but less than complex 18XX series of train games.

Dear everyone who says this is easy

I never want to play Chicago Express with you. This thing is great. And I am learning a lot about Chicago Express. Look out.

good train game

This is a faithful adaptation of Chicago Express. The AI is very well done, quick, and without issues. Online play would make it excellent.

Well might be beautiful if they improve the resolution

Yup, the resolution is for the iPhone, iTouch. You going to have to 2X zoom it for the iPad. Find this tiring to view as it is stretched out, that fuzzy out of focus look.

Excellent Translation to iOS

Great translation of an excellent board game. The rules and tutorial provide enough information to get new players into the action and the UI and information screens are easy to understand and navigate. The AI is competent but not particularly creative, and hot seat mode would be to play with a friend. I hope the game gets enough of a following for the developer to add asynch online play...

Not worth the price

It's an okay game for a $1 but it isnt worth $5 no way, the game is way too short, and you always beat the computers. It needs some major improvements!

AI tougher with 5

Nice implementation of a great game. I also find the AI weak with 3 or 4 player. But at least so far significantly tougher to beat playing 5.

Nice adaptation

A nice adaptation of Chicago Express. It works very well with just human players too! As others have expressed, an iPad version that has a board has the values on the board is what this needs to be perfect. That and the ability to see the whole board.

Great game BUT needs an AI upgrade

This is an excellent implementation of the board game. The game plays well and all of the information is easily available to play. However, the AI is very weak and I find I only lose when one AI player throws himself under the bus to make me lose to another AI. Also given how quickly games go on the phone the single map is going to get old quick, please add some extra maps or the ability to use player generated maps (see Lux).

A great board game in your pocket.

Great stock/train game. I'm a big fan of board games - Railroads of the World and Le Havre are probably my favorites. Wabash Canonball (the board game version is called Chicago Express) is an excellent game. The interface for the iphone version is great. No online multiplayer, but it does have pass & play. You can also play against the a.i., although there is no difficulty setting. My first ten or so games against the computer were really fun, but it is starting to feel a little samey. That said, this game is a must have for any board game enthusiast looking for a deep, quick, cutthroat, zero-randomness, strategy game. I'll wait 'till they add online multiplayer to give it the fifth star.

Fun board game

Lots of replayable fun. Hoping for harder AI in updates. Thank you for including hot seat mode.

Entertaining for hours

Very enjoyable even though I've never played the board game!

Weak AI mars otherwise great game

The weakness of the AI is the only complaint I have with this otherwise excellent rendition of a great board game. Would love to see an option for a harder AI. Any chance of making this a universal app for better iPad support too?

Needs online play!

It's s good implementation of the board game, but the board game is so much better with real people making the decisions.

Good stuff but

Needs an iPad version

Great deep strategy

Great ui for a great game. Can't wait for the iPad version

Great Board Game

It just needs stronger AI. I had never played the game before I got the app and the computers have only beaten me once. So please make an update with stronger AI.

Excited to give it a try!

I am a beginner and from what I can tell I'm going to really enjoy this game.

great game and interface

The developer spent much time on the UI and it's very intuitive for me who has never played this game before. The tutorial had me up and running quickly although I did do a quick read through the rules prior to starting the tutorial. After about two or three games the rules should all fall into place and from there it's just a matter of learning strategy which all great strategy board games offer. Here's hoping this one gets made into a universal app. It plays just fine 2X ipad but still I wish for the big screen as perhaps 1/4 screen could always show the cash/income, etc. while the map would show 3/4 of the screen.

Very excited about this...

Excellent rendition of the classic.

Excellent port of the board game

For players who already know how to play Chicago Express, this app will be a lot of fun. As far as I can tell, it's a pretty dead on remake. Very easy to play through a game in about 20-30 minutes. The AI and graphs are nice additions. A previous reviewer said he thought the AI wasn't strong enough, but I have not had that problem so far. I've been soundly defeated by the AI in most games, but I have won a couple and am getting better (slowly..). I haven't haven't tried hotseat mode with friends yet, but that is nice to see as well. May be tough to pick up for people who haven't played the board game. There's a tutorial mode, but I have not tried it yet.

Great strategy game

I'm always looking for new strategy games to keep me busy on my commute, this one is a fantastic rendition of the board game. I hadn't played the board game in awhile but the tutorial got me right back up to speed. Nice work!

Beautiful implementation of a personal favorite

I love this game. I just wish the AI was a little stronger, but for a pass and play experience, this one is spectacular. Thanks for making it available!

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